Terms of the Fellowship



The Mentor and the sponsoring institution accept responsibility for and supervision of the approved research project and agree that the research will be conducted in compliance with applicable federal, state, local and institutional laws and regulations governing the ethical conduct of research.

The Mentor will ensure that the Fellow has at least 75 percent of his or her time available for research.

A progress report must be submitted annually by April 30 (1st and 2nd year fellows) or May 30th (3rd year fellows), following the format outlined in the PBF Fellowship Progress Report Form. A representative of the sponsoring institution must sign the progress report stating that the Fellow has conducted the Project to date in an acceptable manner. Funds for the subsequent year will not be provided to the sponsoring institution until the progress report has been received and approved by the PBF Fellowship Office. The Progress Report Form is available at PBF PROGRESS REPORT FORM.

Any proposed change in the Project, a change in mentor or a transfer of the award to another institution,must be requested by the Fellow through the Mentor, and then submitted under signature of the Mentor and the sponsoring institution for approval by the Scientific Director of the PBF Fellowship Program.

The fiscal department of the sponsoring institution is responsible for the expenditure of the Award funds and must submit a financial report to the Francis Family Foundation annually by October 31 for Years 2 and 3 of the award. Financial report forms may be obtained HERE.

The amount awarded to the sponsoring institution is $156,000 over three years. Yearly payouts are $50,000, $52,000 and $54,000 respectively. The Award funding for each year is disbursed in two installments (June and December).

Allowable costs are restricted to the Fellow’s salary plus fringe benefits and may include travel to a maximum of $2,000 per year. Approval for any other costs must be requested in writing by the Mentor and Fellow and approved by the PBF Fellowship Program Scientific Director.

Indirect costs and equipment purchases are not allowed.

The Fellow must notify their Mentor, and in turn the PBF Fellowship Office, of any significant new competitive awards that are received during the three-year period of the PBF Fellowship.

The Fellow is required to acknowledge the sponsorship of the PBF Fellowship Program on all publications resulting from this award.