Allowable Costs



PBF Fellows are required to notify the PBF Fellowship Office of significant new competitive awards that are received during the three-year period of the PBF Fellowship. Find the policy regarding changes in research funding and allowable costs for the PBF Fellowship here: ALLOWABLE COSTS.

Notification of new research funding should be e-mailed to Deborah Snapp, PBF Fellowship Program Administrator (dsnapp@uw.edu). The Fellow needs to include in the e-mail:
      1. Information about the award received (funding source/agency, type of award (e.g., K08, R01)
      2. Title of the grant, dates of funding
      3. Total direct dollar amount of the award
      4. Statement from the fellow regarding scientific overlap of the new grant with the studies proposed in
their PBF application
      5. Statement on the Fellow’s plans to continue PBF studies
     6. Allocation of their PBF Fellowship funding (from salary and $2,000/year travel), the re-budgeting
      7. Form should be completed and attached to the email