Letter from the Director




Welcome to the Parker B. Francis Fellowship Program website. The PBF Fellowship Program is open to new investigators with M.D. or Ph.D. degrees, or their equivalent, who are embarking on careers in pulmonary science. The program provides three years of support for research with the guidance of an experienced mentor. In October 2016, 60 candidates from the US and Canada submitted applications. This past January the PBF Scientific Council selected 13 of these for funding. Each of these PBF Fellows will receive $156,000 in salary support over a three-year period, so the total amount awarded to the 2017 PBF Fellows will be $1,872,000. We look forward to following the achievements of these and our other PBF Fellows as they pursue their careers in pulmonary research.

The Parker B. Francis Fellowship Program has supported more than 850 fellows since it began in 1976. Many of these individuals have become prominent investigators and international leaders in pulmonary research. Their work has led to significant new discoveries that have improved the health of patients with a wide range of lung diseases. The 2009 PBF Fellowship Survey showed that more than 70 percent of PBF Fellows continue to have substantial commitments to pulmonary research. On average the graduates of the PBF Fellowship Program have received $60 in scientific research funding for every $1 in fellowship support from the PBF Fellowship Program. Over the life of the program, PBF Fellowship graduates have raised more than $1.8 billion dollars to support their scientific research. Their scientific work has been published in top scientific and clinical journals and their discoveries have benefited patients worldwide (see the publications of our Fellows from 2014). The success of the program reflects the remarkable dedication of the Francis Family Foundation to promoting lung health by supporting promising new investigators in pulmonary research.

I am honored to have the opportunity to guide this remarkable program with the members of the Parker B. Francis Fellowship Program Scientific Council. We thank the Francis Family Foundation for their continuing support for new investigators who are working to improve the health of patients with lung diseases.


Thomas R. Martin, MD
Scientific Director